Create a Email Account for your Kids | kids

Whether your babies are two or fifteen they are still just that, your babies.
Why not make them feel like the best thing in your life with a email writing them about it? They mean just as much to you now as they did then, if not more. When running the kiddos to games, packing their lunch, holding them when they scrape their knee, or just kissing them goodnight, you make sure they know they’re loved.

As we grow older though, we tend to forget the nerves of the first day of school, or first driving lesson. Even moms reaction to a messy baking disaster!

So why not create something for your kids that they can look back on when they’re 18 or 25? Or really, whenever you decide to give them the password to their email accounts.

We wanted to! So we decided to create a email account for each kid and write them when we had extra time or when something special happened. We write just to let them know we love them and that they make our days a little brighter. We even created a special email account just for writing the kids. This way we could also have something to log in and look back on. We used gmail because that’s my favorite but you can use any email system you’d like, just remember the passwords! And emails of course! For me, that means writing them down in my planner so I don’t forget in a few minutes…. It’s so difficult to remember all the special passwords for all these accounts you have to create these days.

We write about how creative they are and how we had a wonderful “paint night” together. We joke about funny times and incredible messes! Honestly, we write about just about anything that should be remembered or laughed about later. Include pictures, recipes, quotes, and/or just about anything that helps you show them how much they mean to you or how special that moment was you shared with them.

Last week, we wrote about how awesome the kids did on their report cards and how us “hip” parents were so proud of them. I included a pic of their report card and a “rad” picture of us giving a thumbs up. Currently the popular phrase in our household is “how bout dat” so we included that in our email heading. We might not be as “cool” as their age group but we sure love to make them feel loved. We strongly encourage the kids to be responsible and motivated. Our hopes is that when we eventually give them the passwords that they can laugh a little, remember fun times, and feel encouraged in life.

I hope you want to start a email for your kids as well and if you do and/or need any help, ideas, etc. feel free to comment or message me anytime! Also, if you have any ideas you’d like to share, I’d be happy to hear from you!