Create a Email Account for your Kids | kids

Whether your babies are two or fifteen they are still just that, your babies.
Why not make them feel like the best thing in your life with a email writing them about it? They mean just as much to you now as they did then, if not more. When running the kiddos to games, packing their lunch, holding them when they scrape their knee, or just kissing them goodnight, you make sure they know they’re loved.

As we grow older though, we tend to forget the nerves of the first day of school, or first driving lesson. Even moms reaction to a messy baking disaster!

So why not create something for your kids that they can look back on when they’re 18 or 25? Or really, whenever you decide to give them the password to their email accounts.

We wanted to! So we decided to create a email account for each kid and write them when we had extra time or when something special happened. We write just to let them know we love them and that they make our days a little brighter. We even created a special email account just for writing the kids. This way we could also have something to log in and look back on. We used gmail because that’s my favorite but you can use any email system you’d like, just remember the passwords! And emails of course! For me, that means writing them down in my planner so I don’t forget in a few minutes…. It’s so difficult to remember all the special passwords for all these accounts you have to create these days.

We write about how creative they are and how we had a wonderful “paint night” together. We joke about funny times and incredible messes! Honestly, we write about just about anything that should be remembered or laughed about later. Include pictures, recipes, quotes, and/or just about anything that helps you show them how much they mean to you or how special that moment was you shared with them.

Last week, we wrote about how awesome the kids did on their report cards and how us “hip” parents were so proud of them. I included a pic of their report card and a “rad” picture of us giving a thumbs up. Currently the popular phrase in our household is “how bout dat” so we included that in our email heading. We might not be as “cool” as their age group but we sure love to make them feel loved. We strongly encourage the kids to be responsible and motivated. Our hopes is that when we eventually give them the passwords that they can laugh a little, remember fun times, and feel encouraged in life.

I hope you want to start a email for your kids as well and if you do and/or need any help, ideas, etc. feel free to comment or message me anytime! Also, if you have any ideas you’d like to share, I’d be happy to hear from you!


Success is Motivation Each and Every Day

“The Lord bless you and keep you” Numbers 6:24-26

Whether you believe in God or something else, isn’t the thought of someone taking care of us comforting?   It’s a little motivational verse or quote, that allows us a chance to change our focus after simply reading it. Success takes a immense amount of energy.  Our mental motivation has to be up there if we want to press on with anything in our lives really.  We need to continually be motivated as human beings to achieve at the utmost we are able to.  Self motivation is not always the simplest task however, so we need to find little words of encouragement.  Little things that enlighten us again, inspire us once more.  This particular verse could be written anywhere and I would still find comfort in these words.  Imagine someone wrapping their arms around you on those difficult, overwhelmingly, emotional days and just holding you tight.  Mmm!

Life can get hectic and some days, some mornings it’s difficult to just get up out of bed.  It could be that everything is perfectly fine, you just can’t do the same routine today.  The kids won’t stop arguing and your hubby doesn’t seem as loving this week.  It happens to all of us and more than you notice too.  If only you realized how much he loves you and how comforting you are to the kids.  This quote allows me to take a step back and re focus my morning, my entire day.

Some mornings my re focus is simply a extra large cup of coffee with a extra scoop of sugar.  Other days I need a little more encouragement. That is when I find myself reading a few motivational quotes, passages, excerpts, whatever I can get my hands on.  When we choose to re focus and refuse the mundane thoughts, we choose to find happiness in the little things.  Believe it or not, finding happiness in the little things is a crucial step needed for success in any area of your life.

Success is virtually impossible without mental motivation.  Mental motivation is impossible without what?  The little things.  I can’t create a empire in a day and I can’t stay motivated if I don’t pick out the little things that I’m proud of.  Just like when you have a baby, baby doesn’t walk right away.  First he rolls, then he sits up, and then he stands.  His progression takes days, weeks, months and yet we are proud of him every single day.  What does he do with that encouragement?  He progresses, he improves!  I want you to find something that motivates you each and every day.  Even if that means you need a re focus, words of encouragement, or to write it down.  Just write down two things that make you proud of yourself today.  Each and every day, make it your goal to appreciate the small things and look for things that motivate, comfort, and encourage you to keep on achieving.

Create Your Own Buisness | blog


Everyday I used to wake up dreading my 9a to 5p job. Was it awful?  Not really,  I could schedule time off, come in late, and ignore everything until I got my average two to three cups of coffee in.  For only having two years of general school in college, my 9a to 5p was nicer than most. Nicer than most sure but what I wanted ? Not at all!

 I’d work all day and feel too physically and emotionally exhausted to enthusiastically create a life I truly wanted to live each day.    So for five years I spent my days living for the weekend.  Not until I began a part time bartending job did it all really smack me in the face.  And yes I know what you’re thinking “oh she’s one of those girls” but to be honest I didn’t ever bartend before that job.  Sure I could talk and mix together some liquor but did I love it? No.  Sometimes though I truly believe God places you in certain situations for a reason.  One night my customer blatantly asked me “why this? Why are you at this bad right now listening to drunks tell you about their lives?”  I immediately begin to rack my brain for a quick witty response (like I’m so good at) and yet nothing.  He repeated himself with a heightened sense of accomplishment.  I laughed it off hoping he’d let it go.  Of course be didn’t and I realized he had a great point. I didn’t know why I was there.  

It’s crazy to think at twenty six years old I could’ve been anywhere. I could’ve finished college and be a successful businesswoman by now.  I could’ve traveled the world, created something amazing, yet here I was struggling from day to day to pay bills.  In the moments I relayed I needed to change this asap!  I needed to re evaluate my life and achieve things.  So I began working less hours, told the bar I’d only work one night a month.  I continued my regular full time day shift job but my part time job was now creating my own success. A lot of things have changed for me since then.  Here’s a list of four things I now make time to do everyday:

1. Make time to brainstorm

Whether it’s brainstorming about potential business ideas or how your gonna make time for yourself this week.  Brainstorm!  It’s healthy and rewarding.   You create a sense of self when you choose to think about things you can do to make your own life happier.  And trust me I believe everyone benefits from moms happiness! Haha. Always remember that while our families are our world, we can make their life better by being happy with ourselves first. Maybe part of your brain storming today is figuring out when you can get your hair done. So be it, take care of you so you can take care of them and create a rewarding future for you and your family.

2.  Relax

While bills are a huge part of being a adult, don’t let it consume you.  Bills will always be there.  The sooner you understand that the less you’ll work at a crappy unfulfilling job and the happier you’ll be.  Don’t get me wrong, a job is more than likely always going to be just that, a job.  For me however, bartending was not rewarding in anyway besides paying my bills.  I was miserable punching in every evening at 6pm knowing I could spend time with no one but the people who came in to the bar.  How unfulfilling that was for me.  I wanted to create more for myself and see my family more!  Who doesn’t want that?! So I stopped worrying about bills as much and began spending my time doing things I was passionate about.  My whole world changed.  I became a happier more fulfilled woman.  Which did nothing but motivate me even more to do something I loved to do!

3. Write down goals you have for the day

Again, this doesn’t  have to be a crazy unacchievable list or even in depth but what do you want to achieve today?  Try getting three out of the five things done on your list each day.  Not only will you feel accomplished but you’ll be achieving something for yourself every day.  Create a life you love waking up to everyday.  For me it usually has something to do with spending a little less, not stopping for the breakfast burrito and being more feeling conscious.  Understanding how I can make others feel wonderful.

4.  Write down three things that made you smile today

Who made you smile a little brighter today?  Did you get a promotion at work?  Did someone bring you lunch?  Or did you set up a cooking class with your husband.  Whatever it is, no matter how big or small, write down what made you feel a little brighter today.   Three things each day and then go back and review them at the end of the week.  You’ll smile looking back on the week too.  This is something that is a must in my life.  Sometimes I tend to be very forgetful of all the wonderful things that are happening in my life and around me.  It helps tremendously to look back on the day and realize it was pretty nice after all.  My fiancé loves this idea, because if I’m ever forgetful of what he’s done for me, he will flip back thru my planner and remind me when he bought me flowers. Each and everytime.  Ha.  I try to never be grumpy but we all know we get in moods and this exercise each day is a wonderful way to come out of those blah moods we tend to find ourselves in at times.


So ladies and gentlemen begin creating your own empire with these simple everyday steps.  I promise your days and weeks will feel so much more fulfilling.  You owe it to yourself to work on accomplishing great things.   You can create your own empire of success and happiness!  Feel free to comment and message me! I enjoy hearing your feedback